Updates on me, my current academic staus, publications etc.

Research Interests

I have a deliberately wide research interest as I strongly believe that some of the most interesting research questions are those that cross the boundaries between the departmental 'silos' we have built ourselves into. My main focus is traffic engineering, but my interests span most scientific fields.

My PhD is working to address a standing issue faced in the traffic engineering industry; namely, the lack of quantitative tools for the designers of cycle infrastructure. As an industry, we lack tools to compare, value and propose design solutions; we lack tools to visualise, communicate and engage. I'm working on changing that.


Progress Reports, Milestones, Miscellaneous

  • Individual Research Project from Spring 2013 investigating the probable invalidity of current Levels of Service measures for bicycle users, given that current measures do not consider the interaction of the cyclists with one another.
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  • Dissertation research following on from the Individual Research Project in the Summer of 2013, demonstrating the criticality of accounting for the fact that cyclists can change speed to avoid one another in any reasoned Level of Service measure.
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  • Research outreach poster, early 2014.
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  • Research outreach presentation, September 2014
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  • Industrial Advisory Board poster, January 2015.
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  • ABMTRANS2015 presentation that accompanies the publication above, June 2015.
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  • An unpublished 'tutorial-style' paper outlining a programming strategy-pattern framework for building consistent agent-based simulation models without library dependencies.
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